Pets, especially dogs being a part of your life is excellent for your physical and mental health. Pets have a positive effect on blood sugar and cholesterol levels and also help reduce stress and anxiety. They are advantageous for good health and lifestyle, keeping us active and fit.

It is said that dogs are man’s best friend. However, the opposite goes for carpets. Since most of them live indoors and are a family, they find themselves comfortable on the rug. The professionals for carpet steam cleaning in Geelong agree that out of all the types of stains that could affect your carpet, ones caused by a dog’s urine are some of the hardest to remove for several reasons. First, stains on your carpet caused by dogs often come with unpleasant odours. Dog urine stains, in particular, are very acidic, meaning they primarily eat away the carpeting material. That is one of the reasons why experts suggest cleaning it as soon as you spot it.

Here are a few simple steps to smoothly allow your pet to feel at home without bothering about staining.

Get a nice dog bed

The most effective and easiest way of keeping the carpet clean is to give your dog a space of its own. A comfortable and a good size dog bed is placed in the living room, where most of the family spends a considerable amount of time. Train the dog to recognize its bed. Treat them whenever they listen to your command and give them some time to let them adjust to their new bed. This will slowly take them away from the carpet, and any accident caused will be taken care of by the bed.

Managing Pet Hair

Whatever the breed of the dog, they shed all the time. They are everywhere on furniture, carpets, clothes etc. Here comes the importance of the dog’s bed, where a calm and trained dog spends most of its time in bed, limiting the spread of its hair than a dog that moves about all over. Experts for Carpet Cleaning in Geelong suggest getting a compact vacuum that will be going places to keep the stray hair in control. Using a rubber head broom or a rubber squeegee helps remove the pet’s hair from the carpets. Proper grooming of the pets also helps in shedding less hair.

Reacting quickly to stains

With pets, accidents are bound to happen. So the sooner the reaction, the better it is for your carpet. Remove solids, if any and blot the area with a kitchen towel. Cleaning the room with a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water will greatly help. Repeating the procedure will help to remove the stain soon.

Odours linger around

With pets, nose blindness is something you will suffer from. The odour lingers, and you may not feel it as you are used to their scent. You can follow these tips to keep the house smelling good and fresh. Washing the pets regularly will keep them smell-free and fresh. Cleaning the bedding and washing them regularly will help prevent the house from smelling.

All the techniques mentioned above are acquired from residential and commercial cleaning services and can be used to avoid stains on your carpet from your dog and help keep a cleaner and fresher home.