Clean, fluffy and well-maintained carpets give the home a delightful look and feel. However, as they can add value to the house and furnishing, they can simultaneously become a liability if neglected and kept dirty. Fortunately, a lot can be done to prevent your carpets from getting dirty and damaged soon.

In many cases, the importance of carpet cleaning and maintenance is overlooked, leading to later expensive repairs. It is essential to clean the carpets, especially if there are pets and children at home. The experts for carpet steam cleaning in Geelong agree that carpet cleaning is not difficult if adequately understood and done correctly. Help from the experts too can help your carpets regain the lost sheen.

Here are a few tips to avoid damage and prevent dirt from settling on the surface.

Leave your shoes by the door

Keeping the shoes off the carpet protects it from wear, tear and dirt. Shoes are the biggest culprit in staining and bringing along dirt from the outside. So, you can set up a shoe stand either outside the door or inside close to the door. This way, whoever comes in doesn’t have to bring along the dirt.

Vacuum Regularly

Another way to keep the carpet looking clean and new is by vacuuming. Vacuuming once in a while helps remove the dust from the surface that will eventually go deep down and cake itself to the fibres—vacuuming also eliminates pet dander, dry skin and any other loose debris. In addition, vacuuming by a steam cleaner prevents mould growth and mildews on the carpet, which often appears when it is humid.

Use Door Mats

Place door mats at the entry and exit points. You can even place another indoor doormat to double the protection. Decorative rugs can be used in areas where there is high traffic. Remember that door mats and rugs also fall under the carpets category and must be cleaned.

Treat Stains

Stains should be treated immediately or as soon as you spot them. Spillage, pet urine, etc., leads to carpet staining, which can be stubborn to get rid off if you do not act immediately. They stick to the fibres, often making your carpet look strange. Treating the stain with blotting paper and then rinsing it with cold water helps prevent further staining.

Use Good Quality Cleaning Solution

Avoid using cheaper and sub-standard cleaning solutions and equipment. It can lead to carpets fading away without changing the carpet stain. In addition, harsh elements in the cleaning agents can damage the fibres and cause health issues due to the fumes that contaminate the air.

Get Professional Assistance

Getting the carpet cleaned thoroughly at least once or twice a year is essential. Professional steam cleaning in Geelong makes a lot of difference as they are equipped with the best cleaning machines and solutions. As professionals are expertise in properly cleaning the carpets with the proper equipment and cleaning agents.

Cleaning and maintaining carpets correctly to make them look newer and cleaner is essential. With these tips on carpet maintenance and keeping the carpet clean, you can watch your carpets look great all the time.