About us

Handy Cleaning Services is a local privately owned and operated business. That means we do not charge any franchise fees or other costs associated with being part of a franchise.

Therefore, you will find us to be more affordable than most Franchise steam cleaning businesses. The efficient nature and quality of our machinery means we do not use excessive amounts of chemicals, water or fuel resulting in a high quality, low cost clean for the client! Our experience and professionalism has been recognised by some of the most successful property management companies in Geelong. Consequently, we are on the preference cleaners’ lists of Real Estate Agencies such as Debonair Property Management, Gartland Real Estate and Allpoints Real Estate to name name a few.

Handy Cleaning Services is fully insured, guarantees customer satisfaction, and offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all work done!

We use the latest machinery imported from Italy. To put it simply, it is Italian engineering at its best. The machine uses very little water. The machine injects steam into the carpet while it shampoos at the same time. That means there is no need for strong chemicals; hence an environment friendly clean that both your pets and children will appreciate.

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