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We use effective steam cleaning equipment that releases blasts of chemicals and water to remove built-up dirt in the fibres of your carpet, with the high pressure allowing for a deep clean that dislodges grime. Our carpet cleaners in Geelong then use a strong vacuum to lift the dirt, leaving behind a clean and hygienic carpet.

The Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to choosing a team of carpet cleaners in Geelong VIC, you’ll notice some companies offer dry cleaning services as an alternative to steam cleaning. Here at Handy Cleaning Services, we stick to steam cleaning for a number of reasons:


Dry cleaning utilises chemicals that are later vacuumed up, similar to steam cleaning. However, as it involves simply spraying the chemicals above the carpet rather than blasting them in, it doesn’t provide as deep a clean.

The hot water used in steam cleaning helps to kill dust mites, mould spores and other unhygienic bacteria that could be living in your home.

Carpet steam cleaning in Geelong helps to break up dirt and grime, providing a fast and effective clean

What Sets Us Apart from Other Carpet Cleaners in Geelong?

At Handy Cleaning Services, we’re proud to use the latest high-quality machinery imported from Italy. To put it simply, it’s Italian engineering at its finest. The machine we use for our carpet cleaning services uses very little water, with no more than 5 litres used for a standard three bedroom unit with a lounge. Strong chemicals aren’t needed, as the machine injects steam into the carpet while it shampoos at the same time. This leaves you with an environmentally friendly clean that both your pets and children will appreciate. We also pride ourselves on offering affordable carpet cleaning Geelong wide covering North, East and South Geelong as well as other surrounding suburbs. Because we don’t have to use strong chemicals, we pass the cost savings onto you! Additionally, we can provide assistance with a range of other cleaning services, including pressure cleaning and office cleaning. Whether you need dedicated cleaners for your home or you’re looking for the best office cleaning companies, you can rely on us to deliver the services you need.

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