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The Handy Cleaning team has been offering affordable, professional carpet cleans for over 10 years!

Steam cleaning is our top recommended way to get your carpets super fresh again. This method cleans deep down into the base of a carpet killing bacteria, mites and fungus that can be missed when vacuuming. Steam cleaning gets carpets exceptionally clean, will prolong the life of your carpet and guarantees a hygienic finish. Dry cleaning is recommended in circumstances where you wish to use the carpet immediately after the clean.

At Handy Cleaning Services, we offer our valued customers the highest standard of carpet cleaning in the Geelong region. Here’s what you can expect working with us;

  • We are so confident you’ll love our expert carpet cleaning services, we offer a 100% money back guarantee
  • Our team is flexible and can work out a cleaning schedule that works for you
  • We are fully insured and have over 10 years’ experience cleaning carpets for residential and commercial properties
  • Tailored advice on the best cleaning methods for your carpets
  • State of the art cleaning equipment and innovative, safe carpet cleaning methods
  • Advice on carpet maintenance for when we leave
  • All our skilled cleaners are well-versed in the highest standards of health and safety

Carpet cleaning time can vary depending on the size of the room, the type of clean, how stained the carpet is and the age of the carpet. Luckily, Handy Cleaning services has access to all the latest equipment ensuring we can get carpets fresh again fast. We generally say to allow at least 30 minutes per room.

A good rule of thumb is to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Of course this will vary depending on who lives in your house e.g.; kids, pets or a large amount of people. If you have a busy household, consider upping your carpet cleans to twice a year. Handy Cleaning Services can give you an experienced recommendation after they visit and put together a carpet cleaning maintenance plan to suit your home.

This can depend on the type of carpet clean you choose. Factors like humidity, air flow and time of year can also affect the speed your carpet dries in. If you opt for the dry cleaning method, you can step on your carpet again immediately after the process is finished. After a steam clean is completed, it can take between 8 and 24 hours to be completely dried and safe to walk on.

Steam carpet cleaning is one of the most advanced carpet cleaning methods and will remove the vast majority of stains. Handy Cleaning Services have had over 10 years’ experience removing all sorts of tough in-ground stains like; red wine, blood, coffee and other stubborn spillages. Not many stains can beat us, but there is a small chance that a substance has caused discolouration of your carpet and if it’s been left, that might not disappear straight away. If this happens, our experienced team can advise on alternative cleaning methods and a regular steam clean will aid in lightening problem stains.

Some carpet cleaning companies will use lower quality cleaning methods which will leave behind a cleaning residue that attracts dirt. Here at Handy Cleaning Services, we only use quality agents, tested methods and state of the art cleaning equipment to ensure your carpet doesn’t attract dirt quickly again

Alongside steam carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning, we offer pressure cleaning services which will add a sparkle to the outside of your home or business. Pressure cleaning can give your office a more professional look or add value to your home.

Due to our high health and safety standards and the possible risk of damage to a property, we do not offer to remove and replace furniture when providing a carpet clean. However, if a customer is elderly or disabled, we can help with moving furniture around.